Scholz & Friends is one of the leading agency groups in the German-speaking world and active in all major European markets.

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Financial, automotive, touristics, governments: Scholz & Friends works for many different clients in different categories and branches. Please have a look at some of our biggest clients. 

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Headquartered in Berlin and Hamburg, the Scholz & Friends Group GmbH comprises more than 30 subsidiaries that collectively make effective use of the entire communication spectrum. Complementary to its subsidiaries, Scholz & Friends maintains an agency network of approximately 40 offices throughout Europe.  Such a broad reach allows Scholz & Friends to work with clients from virtually every sector: energy, the environment, automotive, health, training and education, science, health and social affairs.

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  • LoeweTHUMB

    Extremly realistic sound

  • FAZ-Thumb

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
    There’s always a clever mind behind it

  • Teaser-LDI

    Land of Ideas

  • Fernost

    Universities in East Germany
    Study in the Far East

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Fragmentation, digitalisation, real-time communication: the world of communication is changing rapidly. Brands and companies have to re-earn people’s valuable attention every day. To get the maximum out of limited marketing budgets, Scholz & Friends uses four ways of increasing efficiency: orchestration, strategic expertise, creative excellence and an international network.