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Scholz & Friends Warszawa

Goraszewska 23 str.
02-910 Warsaw


tel +48 (22) 463 86 48
fax + 48 (22) 463 86 49

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  • Vectra


  • Kaufland

    "Hier bin ich richtig!"

  • Opel Astra Sedan

    Opel Astra Sedan
    German quality straight from Poland.

  • Opel Countdown

    Opel - 150 hours campaign
    "Don't be late"

Welcome to Scholz & Friends Warszawa more

It’s been 16 years since we opened in Warszawa. Our first office was just a few hundreds meters from where we’re now. But there’s something more important than the location that we stay faithful to: It is our believe in strong ideas. This approach has been helping us in producing campaigns that were noticed by customers, colleagues and competitors alike. It also helped us to make good friends with numerous clients. We currently work for Tchibo, Sony, Złote Tarasy, Mothercare, Ikea, Mercedes, Netia, Polish Humanitarian Action and others.

Our Orchestra more

Scholz & Friends is orchestrated for communication. The brand idea assumes the role of a conductor, the Agency of an orchestra. Learn more about our instruments.


Scholz & Friends Warszawa offers young talents as well as experienced professionals the possibility to grow their careers. If you are interested in working with us, please contact Kasia Brodowicz